Our mission is to bring inspiration and joy through professionally made, creative communication assignments for the quality seeking business.
Doing this while following the core values of our company: respect, honesty, fun-loving, reliable, commited and creative.


Studio Make Stuff is the coop between Ilse, the truukendoos and Kenson a.k.a. thisiskenson.

Ken is a senior designer / art director with a bag full of experience in the top-shelf communication agencies of the country,
5 years at Duval Guillaume and 1 year at DDB Brussels. Freelance since 2009, adding Ilse as Project Manager/Producer
in 2012 to start this venture.

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Ilse has got a vast experience in customer relations and account management, more than 20 years
in international business environments.

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Social Responsability

We work ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues.
Stand for something, before you fall for nothing.